In the last 10 years, organizations have seen cybersecurity threat levels increase over 1000% and have suffered productivity and outright monetary losses of more than $100 billion. As the threat level continues to escalate, ISO 27001 has become the de facto standard to help all businesses keep safe. Avani offers you the tools and resources to successfully implement and maintain compliance with the ISO 27001 standard.

ISO 27001:2013 Audit Advisory & Implementation Services

ISO 27001 certification enables businesses to demonstrate that they have established an Information Security Management System (ISMS) that complies with internationally recognized standards. Avani's ISO 27001 compliance teams utilize our established methodology and proprietary product to evaluate our customers' existing security framework and to identify and implement all of the controls necessary to eliminate and/or mitigate vulnerabilities. Our engagement model includes a technical team that works alongside a customer engagement team to ensure customer requirements are understood and satisfied. The technical team implements Avani's Assess>Remediate>Monitor methodology to help our customers to identify, track, and report on compliance actions, with minimal effort. Our methodology integrates well with other ISO standards to facilitate compliance for multiple certifications.

Assess green arrow Remediate purple arrow Monitor
Compliance Gap Assessment
Against ISO 27001 Controls
ISMS Framework Development/Enhancement Implementation Reviews
Scope of ISMS Policy and Procedure
ISMS Internal Audit
Resource Requirements Risk Mitigation Pre-audit Assessment
Risk Assessment Incident Management Certification Audit Support
Road Map for Implementation and Certification BCP/DR Plan and Testing Ongoing Support for Maintenance of the ISO 27001 Standards
  • Avani's proprietary product brings all ISMS stakeholders, including organizations, consulting and advisory agencies, and auditors to a single unified platform to perform all required assessment, remediation, and monitoring tasks
  • Easily assess, document, and track security controls collaboratively to support ISO 27001 certification and maintenance
  • Executive dashboards enable stakeholders to track compliance status against the ISO 27001 standard requirements as well as progress with respect to internal and external compliance milestones via reminders
  • Supports continuous improvement by providing recommendations to address any compliance gaps or deviations from the ISO 27001 standard
  • Manage workflows and checklists to close compliance gaps
  • Supports data collection and document management to demonstrate compliance for audit purposes

In this phase we provide recommendations to close the gaps identified in ISMS framework and provide guidance for improving the ISMS.


We provide support in maintaining your ISMS via regular reviews and internal audits. We also support you during annual external surveillance audits and recertification audits.

Business Benefits
Business Issue How ISO/IEC 27001 helps Benefit to your organization


  • Helps you identify risks to your information and put in place measures to manage or reduce them
  • Helps you put in place procedures to enable prompt detection of information security breaches
  • Requires you to continually improve your Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • Improved reputation and stakeholder confidence
  • Better visibility of risk amongst interested parties
  • Builds trust and credibility in the market to help you win more business


  • Requires you to identify all internal and external stakeholders relevant to your ISMS
  • Requires you to communicate the ISMS policy to your workforce and ensure that they understand how they contribute to it
  • Top management needs to define ISMS roles and ensure individuals are competent
  • Improved information security awareness amongst all relevant parties
  • Reduces likelihood of staff-related information security breaches
  • Shows commitment to information security at all levels of the business


  • Gives you a framework which helps you to manage your legal and regulatory requirements
  • Makes you review and communicate your regulatory requirements to other interested parties
  • Reduces the likelihood of fines or prosecution
  • Helps you comply with relevant legislation and helps make sure you keep up-to-date

Risk Management

  • Makes you assess risks to information security so you can identify potential weaknesses and respond
  • Requires you to put in place controls that are proportionate to the risks
  • Requires you to continually evaluate risks to your information security and make sure the controls you put in place are appropriate
  • Helps you protect your information so you can continue business as usual and minimize disruptions
  • Provides cost savings by minimizing incidents
  • Ensures information is protected, available, and can be accessed

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