State-of-the-art technologies call for
state-of-the-art security

Security Services
We safeguard state-of-the-art technologies

With the ever changing IT scenario, comes the added baggage of new challenges in the Internet Security domain. Online business transactions and risks are two terms that are
yet to become independent of each other. With vulnerabilities and threats lurking right around the corner, one can be hit at the least expected time.

Avani's tailored approach to secure the network, Applications enables the organizations to identify the vulnerabilities at every stage and enables you to take immediate
action steps to rectify.
Our core arsenal of security services include but not limited to:

Managed Security Services

Avani is an established Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP). We are well adept at providing network security services covering a wide array of security
domain. Our skilled team of strategic security professionals work hand-in-hand with the client every step of the way.

We excel at crafting fortified security models that safeguard the organization from identified vulnerabilities.
Our Managed Security Services includes a host of sub-services that one can choose from as per their organizational needs.

Network Security

These are measures taken to protect a communication (or) transactional online pathway. These protective measures counter unauthorized and accidental access to operations of an organization. It also includes counter-measures against willful interference of regular operations.

Infrastructure Security

Our Infrastructure solutions allow you to effectively manage IT risks across all major levels of your organization. Our Infrastructure frameworks are one of the most secure and resilient among the ones present in the market today.

Server Security

Across the globe, servers are the most frequently targeted places for an organization, mostly because of the business sensitive data they hold. Getting a secure server is no lesser important than securing your website and web applications.

Application Security

The search of an experienced team of security professionals to conduct high quality and intensive security assessments often leave most organizations in a lurch. The need for timely discovery of vulnerabilities and developments that can be exploited in applications are now more than ever.

Web Application Scanning

This service scans your currently used internal and external web application security across your physical and virtual environments. Major attack points such as URL parameters, cookies, form fields and directories are checked for anomalies. The latest cyber security threats are updated real-time.

Logs Review & Assessment

There is a barrage of events happening across your network at any given point of time. Most of it irrelevant, the challenge comes in the form of identifying the significant events from the flood of irrelevant data. Quick access to this information allows for you to respond to threats in real-time before any damage is done.

Security Assessment

With a strong background in the consulting space and armed with a pool of highly experienced and skilled security professionals,
Avani makes for a sound advisor. Over the years, Avani has built quite a steady reputation in favour of its consulting services related to Enterprise Security.

Much like this page, we adopt a step-by-step principle in carrying out the assessment for security lapses at your firm and providing recommendation for the same.
Our biggest strength in terms of consulting lies in our ability to conduct an in-depth analysis of any target application brought forth by the client. The post analysis recommendation ensures that a resolution for identified threats have been well provided for.

Our list of consulting services includes but not limited to are:

Web & Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Web application penetration testing is a part of information security which specifically deals with web services and web applications. These services are prone to vulnerability attacks through SQL, Cross site scripting, Cross site request forgery to name a few. And as the demand for mobile applications by consumers is on a steady rise by the day, so is the rise of cyber security threats.

Application Vulnerability Assessment

Avani provides you with detailed audits and subjects your web applications to extensive tests as a part of its vulnerability assessment. We also simultaneously provide and recommend the action steps that need to taken to safeguard your network environment. All the identified security threats and findings are delivered to you in so as to propagate risk management procedures.

Network Vulnerability Assessment

Taking advantage of our experience in the domain, organizations can pin-point the true nature of threats and vulnerabilities. As well as gain an understanding of their respective network's security posture and rank. Our security specialists undertake manual and automated tests to accurately analyze your firm's environment.