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Get Your Idea Rolling

An idea amid many.. Every plan begins 'at' an idea. Ideas come and go, the one that sustains the hiccups is rare and quite the inspiration. The concepts that build around ideas are the reflections of it, just more defined.

Idea Generation
  • Brainstorming & Brain writing methods
  • Synectics thought provoking techniques
  • Story Boarding 
  • Analytical way of identifying improvements
  • Visualization of an idea.
Concept building

After the idea is generated, Avani's expert team start building the concept based on the below mentioned factors.

  • Research on area of interest.
  • Mapping all pros and cons
  • Help understand requirements better.
  • Outlining the strategy
  • Action plan to proceed to the next process.
  • Finalizing the concept
Strategy Review

We ensure the strategy is flawless and leaves no room for improvement.

  • Procedure flow consistency
  • Strategy in consonance with current trends.
  • Feasibility of the strategy
  • Execution plan
  • Resource planning
  • Budgeting & Risk management
Market Validation

Creating the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

  • Direct communication with target audience
  • Knowing competitors
  • Competitors strategy study
  • Competitors head hunting
  • Market trends validation
Market & Competitive Analysis

Before launching the product (idea), we carry out an analysis of our current and potential competitors.

  • SWOT analysis on competitors and threats.
  • Marketing materials & Brand building
  • Building the marketing str

An awesome idea on its own is worth nothing. Executing an idea is what matters. And it starts by building a robust 'framework' around the concept formed, something that our expertise can assist you with.

Concept Building

Developing the concept based on a viable idea is one challenging aspect for any customer. We just simply the process down to your convenience.

  • Building a framework for the idea concept
  • A storyboard covering A-Z aspects of the idea
  • Validating the designed framework's real-time utility
  • Developing a plan of action to execute the framework
Prototype Design

Once the concept is developed, it is brought into existence in the form of a prototype. Our team of 'engineers' are adept at bringing to life any concept.

  • Sketching a flow of events to achieve desired output
  • Using the sketch, designing the screens of the concept
  • Validating the designed screens real-time utility
  • Verifying the usability and of the designed screens
  • Validating acceptability factor from an end consumer's view
User Experience

Inspecting the viability and ease of use of the prototype is the next step to be followed. It is one of the most critical steps of any product. Designing simplistic UI and easy to use products is something we excel at.

  • From UI perspective, validating the sketched flow of events
  • Ease of access and usability of the designed prototype
  • Cross-checking the sequence of events from navigation POV

Ideas become realities, here. A fully functional idea that can generate enormous value in the market goes through countless iterations, permutations, analysis, exception building, testing, and the like. Catapult your ideas to reality with Avani's 6-step mantra.

Process Definitions

The methodology or approach defines and streamlines such processes resulting in better implementation and management of the project. Avani's process definition:

  • Process & Methodology identification
  • Cuts out time lags for better team-sync
  • Quick and easy review process
  • Waterfall or Agile execution
Cloud and on-Premise Strategies

Narrowing down on the best sought after strategy is crucial while deciding whether to go with an affordable cloud based solution or an on-Premise one so as to exploit full potential of a business. Avani is adept in both:

  • Cloud platforms: immediate, affordable, have faster start-up and time-to market, robust, quick response, mobile adaptability
  • On-Premise solution: more control over data, reduced total cost of ownership and limited risks
Tools and Technologies Mapping

Drawing parallels, Avani's technology smart heads stay adept at an array of tools and technology to help clients build their dream products and facilitate technology to innovation mapping.

  • Expert proficiency in diverse set of technology stack: Java, PHP, .Net etc.
  • Identification of appropriate tools supporting the process
  • App development across multiple platforms and cross-platforms: Microsoft, iOS, Android.
  • In depth understanding of technology to advise clients on product critical framework design.
Staging and Production Deployment

Creating a mock-up of the production environment and analyzing the customer experience is becoming increasingly necessary to deliver quality products to customers. Updates too are tested on this environment before rolling out to the final production stage. Avani's comprehensive know-how helps in:

  • Setting up the infra in both on-premises and on cloud.
  • Staging & making product production ready
  • Browser & Mobile testing platforms
  • UAT support

Product building, maintaining and examining quality standards as well as functionality testing is perhaps the most critical area of the entire product development phase. Avani aids in:

  • Arriving at an objective and independent view.
  • Enhances understanding of probable risk areas post product implementation.
  • Avani's testing Center of Excellence provides the following testing services and ensures delivery of accuracy.
  • Functionality Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
Product Support and Maintenance

Avani's custom built support & maintenance approach for each customer is unique in the market. A snapshot of what we do primarily:

  • Bug Fixing
  • Software & Product support
  • Change Management
  • Remote Support – (Web & On-call support)
  • End user issues handling
  • Product Training